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Some supporters have expressed a desire to help this magazine more than just subscribing. If the Lord leads you, it’s fine to just give a gift to support Authentic Magazine, but we also want to offer the opportunity to further reach out to the men of NZ. Please read the opportunities below to see how you can be a part of this.


Trying to figure out which Churches and Pastors to send magazines to can be a bit tricky, but we’ve narrowed it down to a list of about 700 pastors across a range of denominations that we think should receive a copy of Authentic. Well that will cost us $5,950 each issue! So that means you can give $850 and that will mean that 100 pastors will receive a copy - you can even decide which region or network of churches you want to support!

Click here if you'd like to help pastors in your region receive a copy.

Police Stations

There are 393 Police Stations in NZ. We really want to support our male Police officers with good, solid, moral features and articles that nourish them. These guys deal with a lot of mess and we want to bless them! Well, it will cost us about $3,340 to send a copy to all Police Stations in New Zealand

So, $425 will get a copy of Authentic Magazine sent to 50 Police stations!

Doctor's Surgeries

There are over 600 doctors surgeries in NZ and we’ve already had calls from people that saw the magazine in a waiting room and picked it up and read it! We sent out over 100 copies of issue #1 to doctors surgeries across the Waikato & Bay of Plenty but we don't have the resources to do that for free each issue. Please pray about this and ask the Lord if He is calling you to help make this happen.


There are 15 male prisons in NZ with a total capacity of around 9,825 inmates. Each edition (quarterly) we want to send 10 free copies to each prison via the Prison Chaplaincy Service. Including postage this will cost us a total of $1,275 every 3 months.

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By subscribing for yourself or someone else you are helping to keep Authentic going, plus you get a copy of the magazine each time they come out: win-win!

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Authentic Christian Trust is a registered Charity in NZ (CC55868) donations over $5 are tax deductible.

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