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“A Man Of Crime To A Man Of God…” – Lucky Te Koha’s Journey To Christ

Lucky Te Koha. Photo: Fantail Studios "Lucky, how did your life of crime start?," I ask. Sitting back in his chair, I can see Lucky Te Koha reflecting on past thoughts and memories. "I started selling marijuana at 10 for...
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Run The Race, Pass The Baton

I can’t quite remember what my two-year-old daughter said the first time she parroted me, but I do remember how it made me feel.  Man was I struck.  Not because she said anything bad, but because it was in that...
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Howard’s Heart For A Transformed Aotearoa

“What does a ‘transformed’ Aotearoa look like? Great question.” As Howard Goold and I sit having coffee near Putaruru-based Transform Aotearoa’s office, the organisation’s CEO reflects for a moment. “Transformation starts with individual lives. Like a ripple effect, transformed people,...

Honour – Is it Lost?

I was thinking about the commandment to honour your father and mother. Both my parents died when I was young, and before I became a Christian - so I had no opportunity to honour them in life. I do remember,...

Closer than a ‘Brother’: Tyree Tautogia’s Journey to Jesus

From the outside looking in, Tyree, or TY, Tautogia achieved everything he’d ever wanted - money, fame, devoted fans and a chart-topping, record-breaking hit. An “amazing journey far exceeding all my expectations.”  With his own solo music career already reaching...
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Spiritual Warfare

What is spiritual warfare? Is it demonic oppression? Is it a set of bad circumstances? Is it a bad curry the night before? Spiritual warfare has been something that is known to the Christian community, but has been either under-estimated...

Uncovering The Unexpected: Part Two

Father and son Alan and Jackson Stanley share the second and final part of a feature series they’ve written describing a journey they’ve been walking together in recent years. Part one appeared in issue 15 and we begin this part...

Telling ‘Tall’ Tales?

“God created creativity - and I really aspire to be a good bearer who reflects the divine image God has put within us. Christians should be among the most creative people on the planet - in music, design, the arts,...

Uncovering the Unexpected

Displaying candid vulnerability, father and son Alan and Jackson Stanley have written a two-part feature describing a journey they’ve been walking together in recent years. In this piece, we set the scene with part one. The year was around 2004...