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Leading With the Right Team

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How Can we be Sure Our Children Love Us?

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Take Courage

Current Issues / Life

Going… Going… Gone…

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Are You Holding You Captive?

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The Christian Life is Impossible!

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Don’t just Pray Your Way Out of Trouble

The knee-jerk reaction to trouble is usually to pray our way out of it.  And so we may. At least…


Still Having A Ball!

Before Wynton Rufer was even 10 years old, he had a goal – to juggle a football 500 times without…


UNASHAMED of the Gospel

“Don’t ever put pressure on yourself to lead somebody to Christ. Honestly, it’s actually not you who leads people to…


Ministering With Music: Sitting Down With Strahan

“As a Christian with a ministry as a musician, it’s never a performance and it’s not a show. It’s an…


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