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Richard van den Engel’s ‘Driving’ Passion: To See Others Succeed

When Richard van den Engel regards the Ebbett Automotive’s present-day business, two words come to mind - stewardship and responsibility. Throughout its more than 90-year history in Hamilton, the automotive business with Waikato roots - and now a North Island-wide...

‘Buying’ Into The Vision: A Chat With Craig Johnson

Speaking to a group at Lake Taupo Christian Camp, Craig Johnson had a "God moment". For several years, he'd regularly prayed, "...Lord, I know You have a purpose for me, but I don't know what it is..." Yet, in those moments - as the...

Mark Powell Keeping Focussed

After 13 years in various positions within the Warehouse Group, the final 5 years being Group Chief Executive, Mark Powell stepped down in February 2016 to focus his time and energy in other areas. In issue five of the magazine, Dave Firth...

Tuning in to The Calling of God

In Greek, the word Rhema means an ‘utterance’, or ‘thing said’. And, back in the 1960s, when God first spoke into the vision of having Christian radio in New Zealand, few could have imagined just how far and wide that...

A Family Adventure is Brewing

From the outside looking in, ‘busy’ might be a word some would use to describe Al Belcher’s life. “You could say that -  I don’t see it as busy,” Al says. “It’s just stewardship of all the areas of responsibility...
Shaun Brooker op 1

Leading With the Right Team

In American Football, each team actually comprises three teams. There is a team for offence, defence and a specials team.  As indicated in their names, one team is for plays where the team is on offence, advancing towards the goal. ...
Stuart Bay

Spending the Day with Stuart Bay

As he stands at the front of a recent Saturday morning breakfast hosted by Christian Community Churches of New Zealand (CCCNZ), an organisation he was part of helping establish just a few short years ago, Stuart Bay’s passion is clear....
Goy Howard-Willis

This ‘Guy’ is Making Waves!

Guy Howard Willis loves the question “What have you done with your life so far?” So, that’s what we asked him first up. “I work in a small family office - there’s five of us and when we have meetings...
Simon Bridges

Building Bridges

Sipping a coffee, he is reflective. “Navigating politics as a Christian can be difficult at times,” he states honestly.“But, ultimately I know who is in control – God. And, as His Word says, as long as we keep Him before...