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‘Amped’ For Jesus

Growing up, Amped4Life founder and educator Pat Buckley had a crucial question. “Why would I trust a Heavenly Father when the one I had walked out and betrayed me?” When Pat’s dad, John, left the family, Pat was eight. Pat...

Leighton Baker: ‘Building’ on the Lessons Learned

“I’m far too young to retire,” he says with a smile, “...I do think I still have something to offer in politics and I haven’t given up. Right now though, in that sphere, I don’t exactly know how that looks...
Murray Desk

Telling ‘Tall’ Tales?

“God created creativity - and I really aspire to be a good bearer who reflects the divine image God has put within us. Christians should be among the most creative people on the planet - in music, design, the arts,...

He Sees Your Value

If you are like me, on most days you can put your hand in your pocket and find those little round metal disks we call coins. I generally remember them when I am getting changed and they fly all around...
Team of climbers reaching the summit of a rock pinnacle.

Starting to Find Balance

In many ways life feels like everything has changed, but in others it feels like nothing has changed. We are fast approaching the two-year mark since the world began to feel the effects of what we now call the Covid-19...

Connecting Faith With Facts

I came across a book recently with huge letters across the cover: ‘Faith vs Fact’. It also had the subtitle, ‘Why Science and Religion are Incompatible’. The font used for ‘Faith’ was faint, thin, and skewed in contrast to the...
Holding an open book with dust coming out.

The Treasure Within

Some time ago in England, a young man’s Grandmother went to be with the Lord. The wider family was called to her lawyer’s office for the reading of her last will and testament and distribution of her assets, according to...

Uncovering the Unexpected

Displaying candid vulnerability, father and son Alan and Jackson Stanley have written a two-part feature describing a journey they’ve been walking together in recent years. In this piece, we set the scene with part one. The year was around 2004...

Mark Powell Keeping Focussed

After 13 years in various positions within the Warehouse Group, the final 5 years being Group Chief Executive, Mark Powell stepped down in February 2016 to focus his time and energy in other areas. In issue five of the magazine, Dave Firth...