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frank r header

A ‘Frank’ Discussion

Rev. Frank (Francis) Ritchie, a familiar voice to many, wears several hats. The Wesleyan Methodist Church minister, radio personality and media chaplain loves a good coffee and chat. He sat down with Jeremy Smith to discuss what it looks like...
Stuart Bay

Spending the Day with Stuart Bay

As he stands at the front of a recent Saturday morning breakfast hosted by Christian Community Churches of New Zealand (CCCNZ), an organisation he was part of helping establish just a few short years ago, Stuart Bay’s passion is clear....
Goy Howard-Willis

This ‘Guy’ is Making Waves!

Guy Howard Willis loves the question “What have you done with your life so far?” So, that’s what we asked him first up. “I work in a small family office - there’s five of us and when we have meetings...
Simon Bridges

Building Bridges

Sipping a coffee, he is reflective. “Navigating politics as a Christian can be difficult at times,” he states honestly.“But, ultimately I know who is in control – God. And, as His Word says, as long as we keep Him before...
Josh Coombridge

Time To Wake Up!

Josh Coombridge - ‘The Voice of Rural New Zealand’ - speaks to us about his walk with the Lord, and his passions for Chainsaws, Rugby and Hunting!When I first met Josh Coombridge at a Promise Keepers event in Wellington, I...

‘One’ Festival Worth a Visit!

Festival One isn’t your typical Christian music festival. It began in the summer of 2015 after the Parachute festival was cancelled and is now in its 6th year.  Every January thousands of people from all over New Zealand and overseas...

When the Crowd Stops Roaring

by Nevan MacEwan. Ian Neven MacEwan has had enough experiences to fill the lives of several men. When the Crowd Stops Roaring tells the story of a teacher, travel agent, small business owner, local government official, city councillor, and prison...

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

by Nabeel Qureshi. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells his followers about the sacrifice required of those who follow him. He goes on to describe the division that will take place even among families because of the gospel (12:49-53)....

He Reads Truth Bible

Published by Holman Bibles. With the incredible number of English Bibles available, it is valid to ask a new edition or even translation the question 'Why do you exist?' or 'Is there anything unique you have to offer?' It seems...