UNASHAMED of the Gospel

June 15, 2021

“Don’t ever put pressure on yourself to lead somebody to Christ. Honestly, it’s actually not you who leads people to Christ. It’s Jesus – He draws people. “We are the sowers in that process and sometimes we get to be…

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Whose Hat Are You Wearing?

April 14, 2021

Kids – or in this case – kid’s books – say the darndest things. It’s an expression perhaps many of us are familiar with.  And yes, interestingly, it was through a children’s book I recently came across that I was…

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Man holding a Bible

Called To Be Holy

May 24, 2020

When my eldest two boys were three and four, they were given life sized dolls of Bert and Ernie—from the television program Sesame Street—for Christmas. Pretty cool presents, I thought. But upon opening their presents, what captivated them was not…

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The Atheist is Deluded! A response to Stephen Fry

May 22, 2020

A few years ago, British actor, comedian and outspoken atheist, Stephen Fry was asked in an interview what he would say if he was confronted by God. Here’s Fry’s response: “I’d say, bone cancer in children? What’s that about? How…

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Christian TV

Why Should I Watch Christian TV?

May 17, 2020

According to research, New Zealanders watches an average of three hours of TV per day! It’s easy to get a negative view of something or someone when you find a theological difference. And that can happen walking in to a…

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Photo of Major W. Ian Thomas

To Me To Live Is Christ!

April 24, 2020

Born in 1914 within the city of London, Ian Thomas dedicated his life to the service of the Lord as a child. At age 19, Ian became a “windmill of activity … every moment of [his] day was packed tight…

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Photo of a busy man wearing a watch

What Does ‘So Busy’ Really Mean?

April 22, 2020

When did ‘So Busy’, supersede ‘fine’ as the stock standard answer to Joey’s question, ‘How you doing?’ It is as if being ‘busy’ has become a medal of honour. As if being ‘busy’ makes us important. As if being ‘not…

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The Impossible Task

April 14, 2020

I have three boys. And I have a vision to see each of them grow up to be mighty men of God.  But I have a problem. I am insufficient for the task.  When my oldest son, Hudson, turned 12…

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Authentic Parenting

June 26, 2019

Do we ever ask ourselves what ‘authentic parenting’ looks like? How do we know if we’re doing a good job? Who makes the rules anyway? Disclaimer: Please don’t think that I in any way am suggesting that I have got…

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