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Photo of a busy man wearing a watch

What Does ‘So Busy’ Really Mean?

When did 'So Busy', supersede 'fine' as the stock standard answer to Joey's question, 'How you doing?' It is as if being 'busy' has become a medal of honour. As if being 'busy' makes us important. As if being 'not...

The Impossible Task

I have three boys. And I have a vision to see each of them grow up to be mighty men of God.  But I have a problem. I am insufficient for the task.  When my oldest son, Hudson, turned 12...

Authentic Parenting

Do we ever ask ourselves what ‘authentic parenting’ looks like? How do we know if we’re doing a good job? Who makes the rules anyway? Disclaimer: Please don’t think that I in any way am suggesting that I have got...

Living the Christian Life is harder than talking about it!

When we arrive at the Kaipaki Sports Centre we walk in to find ex-New Zealand international cricketer, John Parker, sweeping the floor after a busy six-a-side cricket tournament the day before.  John’s heart for the community is evident from how...