Recommended Podcasts

Podcast 4

Ask Eric

Our lives are full of questions and too often it is hard to find practical and biblical answers that speak directly to the issue and yet inspire us to live triumphant Christian lives. Eric Ludy answers your questions on topics such as the Bible, discipleship, Christian living, family, godly leadership, and more.


The Briefing

The Briefing is a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview. Presented by Dr. Mohler, he is a theologian and an ordained minister, having served as pastor and staff minister of several Southern Baptist churches.


Deeper Christian

The deeperChristian Podcast helps Christians understand, study, and apply the Bible as they grow and mature in their faith. Join NRJohnson in this weekly audio program as he discusses prayer, the Gospel, freedom from sin, how to share your faith, how to study the Bible, and helps you build your life around Jesus Christ and more.


Eric Ludy: Sermons

Discover a Christianity that actually works. These powerful sermons delivered by Pastor Eric Ludy for the Church at Ellerslie will awaken you to the majesty of true Christianity. God designed Christianity not to be mere theory but a life empowered by His grace, built unshakable upon truth, centered upon Jesus Christ, and poured out for His glory.


Classic Recordings

Pulled from the archive of Eric Ludy, these classic recordings originally aired on Moody Radio between 2008-2009. While now considered “classics,” these short inspiring audios are just as relevant today as they were a decade ago. Be encouraged to boldly live the Christian life as Eric Ludy exhorts you to seek first Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.