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The Call To Be People Of Character And Courage

“I love Kiwis,” he smiles.While an answer perhaps elicited thanks to a somewhat leading opening question, it’s an effective icebreaker as I ask former Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) managing director Martyn Iles how he’s finding New Zealand. In September, we...

Relational Evangelism: The ‘Cause Circle’

I’ve worked full time in Christian ministry for 13 years. And, all of those years have been with an organisation which is focussed completely on equipping youth ministries around New Zealand to share the gospel.  That’s something I’m absolutely passionate...

Pointing A Community To The Gospel

What will it take to authentically reach our communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Shane Wildermoth offers some prayerful reflections. “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people...
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The Veil

When we consider the Jewish temple at the time of Christ's crucifixion, the veil divided the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place. Inside the veil was the ark of the covenant - and outside were the various holy elements...
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The Patience of a Saint

When I was growing up, the title of this piece was a common expression.There was a worldly view that all “Saints” were kind and patient, so someone with these characteristics were identified as examples. Scripture, however, calls all who believe...

Five From Five: ‘Authentically’ Our Journey – Ultimately ‘His’ Story

“The Lord has done great things for us…” - Psalm 126:3 (ESV).That’s the key reflection which comes to mind when considering the fact we marked our five-year anniversary and 20th issue in December 2022. And, it absolutely rings true for...
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Staff Snapshot: A Look Back

In December 2022, we marked our five-year anniversary - and 20th issue - at Authentic. So, we asked each Authentic staff member to reflect on a particular aspect of our journey to that point which has impacted - or encouraged...
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Fear-Filled Evangelism, or a Relaxed Natural Flow

The flight story. Evangelists like to tell their best stories. They get more support that way.  You may have heard the story about how one of those ‘talk about Jesus all the time’ types - the ones who quietly terrify...

The Debt To God

We are all in debt. Firstly, there’s everyday debt. This is usually the state of most people having a mortgage, hire purchase, loans and so on. But what about when we consider spiritual debt? You might not believe you owe...