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Jay Geldard’s 24-7 Calling

“As a father, one of the questions I ask myself is this, ‘...what kind of world do I want my kids to grow up in?’” When Christchurch’s Jay Geldard expresses his heart for his own family, as leader of 24-7...

Closer than a ‘Brother’: Tyree Tautogia’s Journey to Jesus

From the outside looking in, Tyree, or TY, Tautogia achieved everything he’d ever wanted - money, fame, devoted fans and a chart-topping, record-breaking hit. An “amazing journey far exceeding all my expectations.”  With his own solo music career already reaching...

‘Buying’ Into The Vision: A Chat With Craig Johnson

Speaking to a group at Lake Taupo Christian Camp, Craig Johnson had a "God moment". For several years, he'd regularly prayed, "...Lord, I know You have a purpose for me, but I don't know what it is..." Yet, in those moments - as the...
pete Dobbs

Peter Dobbs: A Man on ‘His’ Mission

If one word describes Peter Dobbs, it’s most likely ‘missional’.  It makes sense too - a key aspect of his roughly eight years in the New Zealand Army centered around mission command - and the question, “ do you analyse,...

Paul Adams: Living Life Pedal to The Metal

More than 20 years after Paul Adams first retired from motorsport, he felt the Lord leading him to get back behind the wheel. Prayerfully, Paul said he would - but only to be a light for Jesus, and if the...
BLSD Stage 1

A ‘BLSD’ Journey: Gangs to God

Stepping into a “jam packed” jail cell, Georgie Ngaau closed the cell door behind him. He’d phoned “all the right people” on the outside to inform them of his decision - now he wanted to tell those in the crowded...

William Stedman Remains Steadfast

Christchurch Para-athlete William Stedman is home after winning two medals at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. The medals though are a result of his wider desire to use his giftings for God, he says - and more than any accolades, he...
Dave and Ainsley

Sharing The Word of Life

“How is a young person in Tirau most likely going to be reached for the Lord? By somebody they know in Tirau being bold and sharing Jesus with them. How will somebody in Te Awamutu be reached? Through a friend...

‘Amped’ For Jesus

Growing up, Amped4Life founder and educator Pat Buckley had a crucial question. “Why would I trust a Heavenly Father when the one I had walked out and betrayed me?” When Pat’s dad, John, left the family, Pat was eight. Pat...